quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2016

One day closer to my future

Being this far away from my son has a lot of down sides. Yes, he is the one with down syndrome and I am the one to be occasionally down.
We see each other everyday over the internet and I get this huge sense of accomplishment and a great feeling of how I am raising him in the best possible way.
I was so afraid that he would be too sad without me around him everyday. And the truth: he is learning to be independent from Mommy. So... doing a great job.
My 13 year old boy is really growing up and will be a fine young man.

One thing this last days showed me is that I am a lot stronger than I thought I would be... Life has funny ways to let you know you can't give up on your dreams and my life showed me it was time to move on.
Today was a very important day for me. A step closer to my goals!
Now I know I really am excellent (just the way I am).

Soon... I will have my little chocolate man with me!

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